Membership is open to any person interested in business education.  If you are interested in joining, complete the 2019-20 NSBEA Membership/Dues Form and submit payment as instructed. To ensure membership is processed correctly, be sure to complete the Membership Form and submit payment.

A few of the benefits of joining NSBEA include:

  • Two conventions that feature motivational, technology, and content speakers (Fall Conference and Summer Conference)
  • Receive three informative online newsletters
  • Have the opportunity to network with other business educators
  • Develop professional spirit and social fellowship
  • Participate in online discussion through the NSBEA listserve (to subscribe, go to and click on "BMIT listserve)
  • Recognize business educators (awards program) who have promoted business education
  • Apply for scholarships
    • KIDS--open to high school senior or collegiate student of NSBEA parent
    • Gordon F. Culver Scholarship--collegiate business education students
    • Anthony Blum Scholarship--collegiate business education students enrolled at UNL
  • First and second year BMIT teachers will be provided a mentor

NSBEA membership is based on the calendar year from July 1 to June 30.

NBEA/M-PBEA membership dues may also be remitted to the membership director.

NBEA/M-PBEA is based on anniversary date.  Classes of membership and dues are listed below.











Granted to a

member who

has retired and

been a consecutive

member of NSBEA

for 5 years.


*NBEA dues include membership in Mountain-Plains Business Education

regional association (M-PBEA).

NSBEA and NBEA Student ($55)

  • Conferences
  • Newsletters
  • Network
  • Socialize
  •  Online discussions
  • Award opportunities
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Mentor program

NSBEA Only ($20)

Deb Wolken

NBEA Student ($50)


NSBEA Student ($5)

NSBEA and NBEA ($120)


Please complete the online membership form and pay your dues online.  Choose the desired membership by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.

NBEA Only ($100)

Why Join?

NSBEA State Membership Director